In today’s modern world there are many opportunities available for finance professionals. Over the years, the role of a Finance executive has been totally transformed from an information provider to that of a business partner. In the new role, the responsibilities of the finance executives have increased significantly. These increased responsibilities open up new career opportunities for upcoming finance students and professionals. One of the main objectives for INDSAM is to provide a platform to the students to discuss their available career options with professionals, business executives, and academicians to enable the students to make informed judgments.

Campus Placement
by Asha Nawal , HR expert based in Mumbai

At the time of Campus following points are more important :
1. Knowledge : One should be thorough with the subject/projects specifically with whatever is mentioned in the Resume. This also helps in boosting one’s confidence and less of nervousness.
2.Apropriate attire
3. Well Articulated and to the point replies are appreciated.
4. When not clear about any concept /subject matter honest admission of the same is much appreciated
5. Knowledge about the companies visiting campus, specifically about the comapny one is applying to along with it’s competitors
6.Although many campus these days have a format of resume, in case not resume should be well structured
7. If there is GD ( Group Discussion) before interview that has to be given due importance as first shortlisting is done there only where importance is given to : Conceptual clarity, initiativeness, innovation/creativity, articulation, communication skills (where listening is also very imp.),leadership skills and behavioral aspects etc.